Bruce Springsteen in Kilkenny 2013

We went to the Bruce Springsteen concert in Kilkenny on Sunday. I’d always regretted missing him in Slane back in 1985 when I wasn’t allowed to go and considering he was only 17 miles away, I definitely wasn’t going to miss this. I booked the tickets back in February when I was dying with the flu!

We brought the children with us, their first concert and our first for a long long time. The sun shone (apart from one quick shower at 9:30), there was a breeze, the atmosphere was great, people were happy and Bruce was magnificent.

Bruce Springsteen concentBruce  Springsteen

Apparently he sang the entire Born in the USA album from 1984 on Saturday night (which is my favourite) but he did sing some of the songs from it. When he pulled up a blond girl to Irish dance with him, the crowd went wild. He then brought up a young lad who was no more than 12 and holding a sign asking to play guitar with him. Bruce presented him with a guitar to keep and they played together. Fantastic.

I had booked seats in the stand as I knew the kids would never last standing in the main field but we did go near to the front for an hour until the raindrops started.

Bruce played and sang non stop for just over 3 hours. The E Street Band left just before his final song and as he embraced and shook hands with each of them as they left and turned back to the crowd, he suddenly looked exhausted. But he pulled it out of the bag again for the final song.

Wonderful memories 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Bruce Springsteen in Kilkenny 2013

  • gaelicngarlik

    Bruce is awesome in concert!! I grew up on the Jersey Shore and it was common to be standing in the same area as Bruce at a club or have him jump on stage and do a number with the band. What a great time in my life. I never really liked anything he did after the late 1980’s. You never mentioned what the encore song was?

    • Lorna

      That sounds fabulous Eva, yes, I preferred his 1980s music too, in hindsight, I’d have preferred Sat as he did the 1984 playlist in its entirity. Can’t rem what the encore was – how bad is that!



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