A busy fortnight ……

It has been a very busy week. I’m working away on this anniversary booklet for ‘Mayo 200’ which needs to be at the printers in a week’s time and we’re planning to put the Blog Awards website live later this week too. I really shouldn’t be blogging at all!

It was extremely busy on the farm last week. ?Some of the calves had been poorly on and off, scouring but still drinking milk. We just got the test results back to [...]

How many generations?

One thing that strikes me about many of the American farming blogs is that they often state how many generations of that family have farmed, eg. third generation, fifth generation etc, with a hope that it will be continued to the next generation. ?That sense of pride is admirable especially as farming must be one of the toughest businesses out there.


Women in Agriculture Conference

I went to the Women and ?Agriculture conference in Kilkenny today which was organised by Mairead Lavery and the team at Irish Country Living (of the Irish Farmers Journal). ?When I walked in, the first stand I saw was that of ‘magic’ window washing equipment and I thought ‘oh no’ – are they going to be pigeon holing us like that! Other stands included lovely cake sellers, hat sellers, IFA, FRS, charities etc. Many ladies got free head [...]