Births & Deaths

Farming always has its ups and downs. ?Things are going along swimmingly and just as you think things are going to get a bit quieter for a few days so your husband can cut some trees up into logs for the fire or put up some wallpaper or plumb in the sink in the scullery that has been sitting there since January, something happens. We had 2 cows ‘abort’ in 24 hours, both giving similar symptoms of giving reduced milk [...]

Happy Hallow’een

Happy Hallow’een!

We did most of the dressing up on Saturday when the children had friends up to play and then I brought the 4 of them to a parish youth club disco. We’d to leave early as it was my turn to get the pizzas and drink etc and I thought giving myself 90 minutes to carve 3 pumpkins with them and paint four faces while they took it [...]