Bull Beef

We are doing ‘bull beef’ for the first time this year which means that there are 44 large and raucous bulls rather than steers in 2 sheds up the yard!

Why? Well, it should be more profitable. We have kept the occasional bull calf ‘whole’ in the past to ‘clean’ up the occasional cow or heifer that may not have gone into calf via Artificial Insemination and they always killed out an average of ?250 higher than steers. The disadvantage, of [...]

Have you changed how you communicate with people?

Have you changed how you communicate with people? ?I find I use the telephone so little now and most of my communication seems to be by email or facebook messaging or on twitter. I communicate with a couple of friends almost daily by Facebook messages.

It struck me some time ago when I was trying to arrange a get together for 6 school friends, ?only 2 of whom were on Facebook [...]

From chick to plate

The theme for Blog Action Day is Food and the hashtag is #bad11.

As dairy and beef farmers within the EU, we have to ensure traceability of our beef (as to sheep farmers etc too) and while there has been an emphasis in recent years for restaurants to show that they are buying Irish and buying local, sometimes I think it just doesn’t go far enough. We seem to want food to be cheaper and cheaper all the time, [...]

Irish Farmerette in the Irish Country Living

My blog received a little mention in this week’s Irish Country Living (Farmers Journal) following an interview I did with Mary Phelan when we met at the recent Women in Business conference. ?If you have come to this blog as a result of reading about it in the ICL, I’d love it you would say ‘hello’ especially if you have a blog.


Great news re the school website

It’s turning out to be another one of those weeks! ?Last night I spoke at our monthly KLCK bloggers network meeting in Portlaoise on ‘Blogging for E-commerce’ which I thoroughly enjoyed and all the participants joined in with plenty of questions and discussion.

We got the news yesterday that our school website (that I helped set up in early Spring and trained the teachers in updating it and writing blog posts) designed by the very talented Maura [...]