Why Good Habits Make You More Effective & Productive

I’m not the best at being organised – I’m very very rarely late collecting my kids, I get a dinner on the table at roughly the same time every day, I’m on time for most meetings but I hate being constrained by time.

I think one of the reasons I enjoyed the kids so much as toddlers was because time didn’t matter – it didn’t matter if a baby spent hours in my arms feeding or if all I did all [...]

Parallels between Pilgrim Hill & The Chastitute

I have yet to see Pilgrim Hill and looking at where it is on, it seems the nearest place is going to be Newbridge for a single viewing on Thursday May 16th. Reading the reviews reveals it to be shot as if part documentary, part feature film. Jimmy ?Walsh is a bachelor farmer who is part carer to his aged father. His only company are his cows and a friend Tommy who talks of emigrating. ?The film shows [...]

Isle Magazine Issue 2 Available Online Now

Isle Magazine Issue 2I’d like to congratulate Lisa McGee on producing the second edition of Isle Magazine. It’s a new online magazine that showcases Ireland, not in the leprachaun way, but showcases Ireland as a savvy, fashionable, beautiful country with friendly and talented people – be they photographers, chefs, food producers, designers …. the list goes on, and the scenery is beautiful too.

I’m delighted to be a contributor to the magazine, [...]

Why Everyone Needs NLP In Their Lives

I was recently asked how am I so positive on this blog? Initially I was a bit nonplussed by the question. Am I that positive? Is farming expected to be pessimistic? My initial thought was well, isn’t that the beauty of social media? Okay, it does have its negative elements with cyber bullying but on the whole, people tend to put their best side forward on their blog or on their facebook profile. What I particularly like about social media [...]

Bookworms: Review of Bossypants by Tina Fey

Tina Fey Bossypants ReviewBossypants by Tina Fey was our book of choice for February – a humourous memoir by Tina Fey and yes, it did have humourous moments. Starting from her early years, she recounts episodes such as her first day in school and how everyone treated her kindly because of her scar. To be honest, if I’d enjoyed this, I’d have devoured it in a day but it took me [...]