New Baby Calves at Garrendenny

It’s that calving time of the year when I turn into a single mother for a few months 🙂

It is always lovely when the first calf arrives though, the first one is always special and even more so if it is a heifer as this year’s was. Dairy heifer calves are worth more than bulls from a dairy British Friesien herd plus it is nice to know that they will ?live for longer!


Births & Deaths

Farming always has its ups and downs. ?Things are going along swimmingly and just as you think things are going to get a bit quieter for a few days so your husband can cut some trees up into logs for the fire or put up some wallpaper or plumb in the sink in the scullery that has been sitting there since January, something happens. We had 2 cows ‘abort’ in 24 hours, both giving similar symptoms of giving reduced milk [...]

‘Stopping a Gap’

Reading Imen’s column this week in the Irish Country Living of how she feels she is now a proper cowgirl as she ‘stopped a gap’ reminded me of how we used to transport cattle to and from our outfarm years ago.

Our outfarm is about a mile and a half away from the home farm. Calves and cattle are grazed there during the summer. Nowadays, we transport them by cattle trailer as we’d have to cross two main roads [...]