My Farming Week – Farm Memories, Feeding Calves and Lots of Cake

Farming Memories

It was quite an uneventful week in many ways yet how can such an uneventful week still be so busy? The sun has started shining again and apparently it will be nice for the next week. As I collected Brian from the outfarm and brought my dad an icecream as he was rolling, memories from years ago in that field came back to me. The Chapel Field was re-seeded last year and the plan was to check there weren’t [...]

Farm Safety Day

Did you know that farming is the second most dangerous occupation- second to mining? I would have thought farming came much further down on the list but this profession, which can seem to idyllic in many ways, is realistically highly dangerous. Anyone brought up on a farm can probably remember near misses. I know I can recall falling from the front of a tall trailer load of hay, luckily I hit the ground without coming into contact with [...]

Agricultural Shows – Why do people love them?

We were invited to the launch of the Tullow Show on Thursday night. We were somewhat intrigued as we’ve never been invited before. The invitation came to ‘Mr & Mrs Brian James’ so it couldn’t have been because of my book as I’ve Lorna Sixsmith on it. Brian decided he’d come along which surprised me somewhat but he’d know some of those there and it isn’t the busiest time of the year.

The Tullow Show is being held on 17th August, [...]

Memories Are Made Of Days Like These

Today was one of those days when memories were made, an ordinary day yet very special in its own way. Maybe it seemed all the more special because I was made more aware yesterday of the fickleness of life, of taking life day by day, of knowing that nothing about the future is certain, not even our continued existence.

Moving Cattle

I went to the Embrace Farm service yesterday, a [...]