Why A Dog Is A Farmer’s Best Friend

Our dog’s love for the farmer is something else as is his desire to please him. Sam is usually put back into his kennel after bringing in the cows in the mornings. He is then let out again once the cows have been milked and we are heading in for breakfast. The reason he is put away is because he used to enjoy nipping at the cows when they were in the collecting yard so it was nipped in the [...]

A Double – Yoker Hen!

My childhood memories of my maternal grandmother are of going to collect eggs with her in a huge henhouse where eggs were piled in tall and wide egg laying boxes along one wall, she would fill a huge green bucket with them and we would give each egg a quick wash or wipe before putting them in trays. She ran a flourishing egg business with what seemed like hundreds of hens and chickens. The hens roamed in the field and [...]

April Fools Jokes & Some Family History

The children delighted in trying to trick us with April Fool jokes this morning – the lambs were out, there was a spider in my hair, the bus was coming etc! And of course, we pretended to be taken in each time which increased their enjoyment.

It reminded me of when a grandaunt used to visit from the UK. She used to tell us stories of mischievous tricks my dad got up to when he was young. Every time she visited [...]

Farming Memories

Chopping and throwing sticks into a shed yesterday evening brought back lots of memories. Brian had sawed some of a fallen tree during the week and brought them in close to the woodshed. As he was chopping the trunk sections into thirds, I was throwing them into the back of the shed – to dry out for a few weeks before being chopped smaller. This is a job that should have been done during the summer – when evenings were [...]