Parallels between Pilgrim Hill & The Chastitute

I have yet to see Pilgrim Hill and looking at where it is on, it seems the nearest place is going to be Newbridge for a single viewing on Thursday May 16th. Reading the reviews reveals it to be shot as if part documentary, part feature film. Jimmy ?Walsh is a bachelor farmer who is part carer to his aged father. His only company are his cows and a friend Tommy who talks of emigrating. ?The film shows [...]

Irish Farmerette Loves Harry Potter

I love reading books and while my children don’t tend to curl up with books like I used to for hours on end (although Will loved reading The Secret Seven series by Enid Blyton over the winter), they do enjoy being read to. ?When Will was younger, he had his 3 favourite books that had to be read every night – it got to the stage we knew them by heart. ?Sometimes one would ask for a story and as [...]

WarHorse – what an Irish farmerette thought of it!

We went to see War Horse last night, it wasn’t our first choice (wanted to see The Artist but it wasn’t on in Carlow) but having read the book and enjoyed it, I was also looking forward to seeing it on the big screen.

I was expecting a war version of Black Beauty with a little bit of Saving Private Ryan regarding the war scenes thrown in. ?I became very dubious [...]