Our Weekend – Milk Recording & Moving Calves

It’s 1st May on Wednesday – the beginning of summer allegedly! ?A load of hay from Kent arrived at our local Glanbia creamery today with 48 large bales. We didn’t need any but there were plenty of farmers arriving with small trailers, there are a lot of older suckler farmers around here who have been drawing silage to their stock for the last two months.

We had planned to let the cows out tonight for the first night but they’d still [...]

Parallels between Pilgrim Hill & The Chastitute

I have yet to see Pilgrim Hill and looking at where it is on, it seems the nearest place is going to be Newbridge for a single viewing on Thursday May 16th. Reading the reviews reveals it to be shot as if part documentary, part feature film. Jimmy ?Walsh is a bachelor farmer who is part carer to his aged father. His only company are his cows and a friend Tommy who talks of emigrating. ?The film shows [...]

Farmers Unite During Spring 2013

Boy, what a spring! The Irish countryside looks more like it has been sprayed with weedkiller than its usual lush self. While temperatures have been warmer the last few days, heavy rain during the week meant that cows and cattle had to be rehoused. We’ve been quite lucky, we’ve had sufficient silage, we got the cows out by day for most days and got half the cattle out for a few weeks. We have spent about ?7,000 more this March [...]