Is Weight Loss an Attitude?

Is Weight Loss an attitude? ?You know what they say, think positive and you’ll be positive. ?If you’re applying ‘The Secret’ to your life, it’s not enough to wish yourself thin though, you also have to follow it through by eating less and hitting the gym or doing exercise of some sort. ?I’m not of the ilk to believe that if I am thinner, I’ll be happier but hey, clothes shopping would be a lot easier and ?much more satisfying!

I’m not overly obsessed with body image (if at all to be honest) but I really wouldn’t mind shedding a couple of stone. It seems to have crept on pound by pound and let’s face it, it takes energy to shift it – energy that I’ve lately been spending on other things. ?Having a business now that is in front of the laptop means I’m pretty sedentary and when I get tired, I seem to reach for the cup of tea and something nice rather than a brisk walk. ?Life is busy between the kids and their activities (who said that when kids start school, they don’t need as much attention – totally rubbish!), training, writing, keeping tabs on GL, and just keeping my head above water. ?I’m incredibly tired this week too – I deliberately kept this week quiet as the children are off school and I had a lot of computer work to catch up on and my body seems to have said ‘woah, Lorna, give me a chance’ as my eczema hits and then I increase my anti-histamine intake which makes me even more sleepy! Methinks a holiday to the Maldives is required! Having to record calories and include a workout in my day just seems like adding a couple of things that just might push me over the edge.

I met Anna Aparicio at the Charisma Bootcamp earlier in the year and following her on Facebook, I’m constantly impressed (and terrified) by her energy levels and determination when pumping iron and all the other workout activities she partakes in. ?I used to attend aerobic classes about 3 times a week but that was at my most fittest and healthiest! Anna has recently launched the ‘Weight Loss Attitude’ programme which starts on 12th November. ?She uses NLP to help those wishing to lose weight and get fitter by helping them make mental and physical transformations.

Apparently the average spend by women in the UK on slimming is ?500 a year – isn’t that scary! But then you see all those ‘slimming foods’, the cost of going to clubs like Weightwatchers, the purchase of that treadmill which then sits in the spare bedroom and you can see how it can add up. ?I did do Weightwatchers once to huge success, I was feeding Kate still and she was such a hungry baby, I lost loads of weight but of course, it all came back on slowly. I used to look at the size of my baby and marvel that most of it was my milk – if only I could do that again!!

Anna’s Weight Loss programme is ?97. I know, I’m thinking to myself, surely I can save myself ?97 and do it on my own. But, I also know I was determined to lose weight for the Blog awards and it never happened. ?I know that NLP can work if one applies it, I’m a realist and a cynic yet I was impressed by every single speaker at Charisma Bootcamp, so what’s stopping me apart from the ?97? ?It sounds like work and effort are needed but hey, nothing in life is every easy if it is worthwhile. What’s stopping me? ?Pure laziness and lack of energy if the truth be told. Losing weight is hard work especially when it is cold outside!

If I do it, I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes 😉

3 thoughts on “Is Weight Loss an Attitude?

  • speltforchoiceblog

    Lorna, I know how you feel. I have to lose a couple of stone too and have been trying for over a year too. I’ve the added push from hospitals giving me grief that I need to do it. It doesn’t matter what I do it seems to be going on. I think that price is not bad at all if you succeed in getting to your ideal weight you’ll want to give her double!. Best of luck, I’d love to join you.

    • Lorna

      I’m doing a detox today Marian as the eczema is playing up. Only had homemade veg soup and brown bread (and numerous cups of tea!) but good for me!

      • speltforchoiceblog

        Oh be careful with that as you work way to hard to be on liquids. Looking forward to your posts on your progress with the diet:) I’ve started exercising again today but oh so breathless as if I was being chased by a wolf! Will start watching what I eat but will build up gradually.



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