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Cheese Making, Birr Castle, Seven O’Clock Show and Birthdays


Once again, not so much farming in the last week although we did get a clear TB test. When you hear of some farms being almost decimated, it always causes a little bit of anxiety that week.

Blogging is going to be a bit erratic until the book is done and dusted! It’s been an extremely busy couple of weeks too – every week seems to have at least two or three things going on that absorb so much time and [...]

My Farming Week: Cats, Kittens, Kids & Marriage

It’s been a wet week here in the sunny south east. The fire has been lit again, cattle have been brought back indoors, calves have been kept in, the cows are messing up fields and coming in to the parlour in most disgruntled moods only slightly mollified by the promise of yummy nuts in the parlour. 5 ‘stragglers’ have calved in the last ten days, all giving birth to bulls which is bound to even up our bull : heifer [...]