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Why I Don’t Want To Be Anyone Else

There seems to be a plethora of articles recently about people becoming depressed or fixated with trying to keep up with the ‘Joneses’ on social media. People are putting pressure on themselves to be as successful, as slim, as beautiful, as rich, as happy as their Facebook friends. Some are leaving social media to get themselves out of that loop.

I enjoy Facebook – I know that people either put up the very good or the very bad (or yes, there [...]

Forget Cow Hugging, This Is Cow Charisma

Have you heard of cow hugging? It’s very popular in Holland and people pay good money to visit farms which have very quiet and tame cows who let them hug them, breathe in their cow breaths and relax under the aura.

Cow CharismaWhen I received a phone call from Owen Fitzpatrick asking if he could use our cows [...]

Why Everyone Needs NLP In Their Lives

I was recently asked how am I so positive on this blog? Initially I was a bit nonplussed by the question. Am I that positive? Is farming expected to be pessimistic? My initial thought was well, isn’t that the beauty of social media? Okay, it does have its negative elements with cyber bullying but on the whole, people tend to put their best side forward on their blog or on their facebook profile. What I particularly like about social media [...]