10 Reasons Why Farmers Make Great Husbands

When I started writing my first book Would You Marry a Farmer? I was genuinely surprised at the number of single women who told me they really wanted to marry a farmer. Part of the reason for my surprise was because farmers definitely weren’t seen as a good catch in the 1950s when draughty farmhouses, lack of electricity and piped water, living with your mother-in-law and hard work were the norm for many. However, in the twenty-first century, farmers are viewed as making great husbands (great wives too but am concentrating on men for this post). Here’s ten reasons why.

Do Farmers Make Great Husbands_

  1. Romance is far from dead

Going into the sunset

He may work all the hours under the sun during the busy times of year such as calving, lambing, sowing and harvesting but that’s where date nights come in. The passenger seat on the tractor is relatively comfortable, as long as you bring a cushion along. And let’s face it – is there anything more romantic than driving towards the sunset together? Even if you have to turn around once you get to the edge of the field!

2. Eating Out

Farmers work very long hours during various months of the year and a social life can become non-existent. It doesn’t mean that eating out can’t happen though. Picnic lunches can be quite special and there are lots of opportunities for them on farms as you’ll be bringing dinner to him in distant fields during harvest time.

Romantic dinners in the field

3. Generous Gifts

He may not bring you flowers very often but he’ll buy you things he believes will make your life easier or make you happy. It might be a new pair of waterproofs or some strawberry plants or your own set of tools. It always means he’s thinking of you. I once received a box of 600 teabags for Valentine’s Day (purchased in the local creamery) and chocolate (purchased in the local shop). I’d take tea and chocolate over flowers any day of the week.

4 - Lamb

4. Lifesaver

Never worry about getting stranded: his jeep or farm car has so many tools, gadgets, veterinary supplies, crumbs and emergency bars of chocolate; it could sustain life for days.

5. Sharing Parenting

Obviously, safety has to be a priority but as the home and farm are almost always right beside each other, he can take a child off for an hour to herd the cattle or to spread fertilizer. It means the parenting is shared somewhat. Indeed, many farmers do the afterschool stuff with the children such as collecting them from the school bus, doing homework and getting them to an evening activity.

6. Self-Employed

He is his own boss so can take time off whenever he likes – as long as the livestock and crops agree of course. He may be rather reluctant heading off and leaving his beloved lady cows but once he gets to the destination, he’ll be fine.

Getting a farmer to go on holiday

7. Maintenance Days with a Difference

Maintanance Days

Days out together are lovely but sometimes it’s nice to head off shopping or to a spa on your own or with girlfriends. Don’t worry, he won’t feel left out. He’ll be perfectly happy with a ‘maintenance day’ of his own, tinkering away on his favourite old tractor.

8. Resourceful

The many uses of baler twine

I doubt there’s any occupation that is as resourceful as farmers. I mean, just look at what they can do with baler twine. It’s used to tie anything that needs tying, is always available, always a bit in his pocket. Never bother buying a ball of twine, you’ll be accused of wasting money.

9. Superman

Why farmers are supermen and wonder women

Farmers are supermen (and wonder women). They serve their communities so well between keeping the hedges tidy, the scenery beautiful and are on hand with a powerful tractor should a neighbour’s car break down or get stuck in snow. Forget about knights on white horses, what you need when your car has broken down is a farmer with the right tools, mechanical knowledge, patience, and a smile.

10. Wonderful Weddings

Marriage Proposal Farmer Style

Apart from the fact he might propose in an incredibly vivid and creative way, the farm can become part of the wedding in very memorable (and enviable) ways. Whether it’s arriving at the church in a huge tractor, getting your photos taken standing tall on stacked bales, having a farm-inspired wedding cake or even hosting your wedding party at the farm, it can be incorporated as much or as little as you want.

Would You Marry a Farmer?

Would You Marry a Farmer?


And if you’re looking for a good book to read during the winter evenings, check out Would You Marry A Farmer? to discover why farmers weren’t such a good catch seventy years ago but they are considered the salt of the earth as husband material now.

If you haven’t found a farmer to marry yet, it provides tips on finding one. If you are getting married soon, it provides advice on how to reach your 50th anniversary. And if you’ve been married to a farmer for years, you’ll find plenty to empathise with and laugh at.

Available in some bookshops and on Amazon. And if you’d like a signed copy, do order from my website, there’s even free shipping worldwide at the moment.


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