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All this talk about overweight and obese children on the news today got me thinking. ?I do think it is important that parents are educated regarding what their children should be eating, partly when one quarter of all 9 year olds are supposed to be overweight but the suggestion that parents bring them to the doctor to be weighed and for some dietary advice seemed a tad absurd.

Apparently the worst transgressors are the parents in the lower socio-economic groups. ?Admittedly some of them may have medical cards but for most families, it costs ?40-50 for a visit to the GP and let’s face it, in today’s economic climate, parents are only going to be bringing children to the doctor if they are ill!

This recent post by Suz Campbell over at Basketcase reveals what has happened where governments have introduced a ‘fat tax’ – the supermarkets have added on additional charges so foods containing any fats (saturated or otherwise) are going to cost a lot more and yes, that includes cream for our coffee, butter, cheese etc, which is going to mean less sales for farmers!

Obviously eating loads of butter on a daily basis might not be the best thing for your waistline but everything in moderation. I think the emphasis needs to be more on eating healthy foods like winter stews and casseroles for dinner rather than takeaways and chips – both in terms of taxing food and on educating some parents. If supermarkets and other shops were to sell the ‘ugly’ vegetables at a reduced rate, would that not be a better idea?

Regarding exercise for children , we are lucky to have St Abban’s Athletic club nearby to us and so many children go there. My 2 have enough on at the moment, between Beavers one night, hip hop/bible study another night, BB/GFS on alternate Friday nights and swimming on Saturday mornings. I love sitting in on the winter evenings that they have nothing on and indulging with us all reading a good book or playing a board game.

2 thoughts on “Fax Tax

  • Lorna

    I know what you mean, we consume our own milk and I always forget to buy it when I’m shopping when the cows are dry. We could be making our own butter soon!
    Kate is about a stone heavier than Will, he is so slight but she isn’t overweight at all thank goodness, She skips everywhere, I’ll be sad when she outgrows that! She gets a tummy for about a fortnight and then it is gone and she has grown another half an inch! Incredible the way the food stores for a couple of weeks before the growth spurt.

  • WiseMona

    It really is worrying Lorna. I am all for cutting back but hate that the supermarkets are fleecing the customers on ‘real’ food products and not the crap fats. Our kids are not at all over scheduled nor are they overweight. They are healthy (thank God) and spend (like yours) all their time outside racing around after each other and the animals. I will be watching this closely and might get a cow if things keep moving in the wrong direction! WiseButter/Cheese/Milk anyone?



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