11th Day of Christmas Giveaway- Which Mug Do You Like Best?


You can choose today’s prize – for a chance to win, I just want to know which of these two designs would you prefer? Both were created before Ireland’s marriage referendum took place in May and of course, we know now that same sex marriage is allowed in Ireland but for a while, it was very much up in the air. The first mug (there is a handle, it’s just at the back) was inspired by the American Gothic painting so the sprong / pitchfork / graip┬ácomes from that, one man in the couple is a farmer and the other helps out!

Mr and Mr Farmers Mug

Mr and Mr Farmers Mug Available on Zazzle

And this is the other one, the woman on the left is the farmer, signified by her messy clothes, her best friend the dog and the chicken under her arm. Her wife or partner isn’t a farmer but yes, am sure she is capable of standing in a gap!

Mrs and Mrs Farmer Mug

Mrs Farmer with her wife and child plus hen and dog – Mug available on Zazzle

For a chance to win a mug, just let me know (either here, on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook) which mug you like best.

Update: Winner is Susan (Sooz LooLoo)

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