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Late Late Toy Show – an event in our household

It’s the Late Late Toy show tomorrow night, one of the longest running chat shows in the world and the Late Late show has been on every weekend from Sept-May for years.

When I was a child, I was always envious of the Billy Barry kids, staying up for the toy show was always an exciting event but it never quite lived up to expectation, I always felt slightly disappointed after [...]


I guess I was thinking about my regular readers rather than my new readers (from Imen’s blog) when I wrote yesterday’s post. I hesitated loads before hitting publish and then shut my eyes and clicked it and shut the laptop! ?Apologies to new readers – it’s normally a very normal farming blog I promise 🙂

This is our orphan goat Rolo who we never castrated and we now hope he [...]

Irish Farmerette – Organised? Inspirational? Hmmm I wonder ….

I was touched by a couple of tweets I received today, together with some of the comments on the blog post in the I Married an Irish Farmer blog today where Imen featured me in an interview on ‘farm wives’. Women telling me that I am inspiring. Unfortunately though, I have just discovered a letter in my bag that should have been with the bank manager a week ago so that is making me feel ?substantially less [...]

Review of The Pink Cage: Bloggers Book Club

As I have met Derbhile Dromey, the author of our book for this book, I was really curious to read The Pink Cage. The fact that both Derbhile and Astrid, the main character, have sight impedients, made me wonder if it was going to be slightly autobiographical. ?Derbhile works as a copy writer and Astrid works as a proof reader so they both work in similar fields but judging by what I know of Derbhile, I am fairly confident that [...]

Sunday Walks

We went on a ‘farm and forest’ walk on Sunday, up through the farm we call ‘Kerrs’ after the man we purchased it from in 2006. When I was a child, it was known as Bolgers and before then it was owned by a Wilson family, they had 8 children and when the father died, leaving a young widow with her 8 children, she emigrated to Canada with 7 of them, the eldest staying behind as far as I know.