Back breaking work or good fun?

We’re trying to get quite a bit of re-seeding done this year, having been scuppered in our attempts with all the rain in previous summers. It was very hard to get anything more than one or two fields done each year. However, with the re-seeding comes the picking of stones so on Friday afternoon we all got stuck in!

Our dog, a brilliant cattle dog but terrible when machinery is moving, he loves to watch it and will dance around it constantly. ?One thing I do like about having the iphone is that I am remembering to take photos of these ‘everyday’ activities. I remember years ago we had American relations over to stay and they took photos of haymaking (with the old square baler and us stacking the small square bales) but their camera was stolen – would have been lovely memories. We just didn’t take enough photos of doing things ‘the old ways’.

My dad told me the next morning that just before Kate and I had arrived to help, he had been stooping down to pick up a stone and after 3 hours of picking stones, he was feeling increasingly stiff. As he strained to read the stone, Will came along, picked up the stone and handed it to him!!


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