Busy week of Talking!

It’s been a busy week here again this week. ?I received a phone call on Monday from Brenda Farrell of Towns of Excellence wondering could I replace a speaker at their conference in Carlow on Wednesday. A quick chat about times and topic and I was delighted to say I would, then put my thinking cap on regarding delivering a talk on social media and customer service which turned out to be easy enough.

First though was Tuesday, where I presented a talk on ‘blogging for business especially e-commerce’ at the Kro IT solutions launch. ?I had planned on going along to it in any case as they had some really good speakers lined up and I knew I would pick up lots of tips too as well as perhaps networking for our new ‘Write on Track‘ business and I was delighted when Ruairi asked me to present.

Here I am with John O’Connor of Red Oak Tax Refunds, both of us very happy to be beside the Spiderworking banner and at the speakers table!

I was speaking last at the Towns of Excellence event (keynote speaker position of course!) but I think I managed to keep everyone awake and thoroughly enjoyed it. ?Here I am photographed with Sean Gallagher and Brenda Farrell (Sean just has to become President now!) and yes, he impressed me with his speech. ?Norris isn’t going to make it now so I am pretty sure I’ll be voting for Gallagher.

3 thoughts on “Busy week of Talking!

  • WiseMona

    Woo hoo! Lorna, what a lovely photo with you and the future Pres. You are such a busy lady and of course everyone wants you to talk. You are the queen of networking!
    I hope this all translates in to LOTS more business for you! Well done xx

    • Lorna

      I hope so too, Mona! but I think it will. I thoroughly enjoyed both of them (and the Toastmasters talk I gave on Wednesday evening) but goodness, my brain was fried yest!



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