Proposing Marriage? Should you buy the ring beforehand?

Should you buy the ring for the wedding proposal?

According to this research, Valentine’s Day is second to Christmas in terms of popularity of marriage proposals. But should you get down on one knee with the ring already purchased or should you propose and then go shopping for the ring together?

When I researched this topic for An Ideal Farm Husband, I had assumed that most farmers wouldn’t dream of trying to find the perfect ring on their own. There’s so much to consider and get [...]

Valentine’s Cards for Farmers


You know that Valentine’s cards should have a bit of mystery about them, right? That there should be an element of surprise, perhaps even confusion regarding who the sender might be. Well, if you’re a farmer and either don’t have the time or the wish to go looking for a suitably endearing and romantic Valentine’s card, ordering one online means that it’s all taken care of. The seller writes the message so it’s a stranger’s handwriting, the postmark will add [...]

Reflections on my Farming and Writing Year – What’s Next in 2017?


I don’t tend to look back very often. Usually at this time of year I’m starting to make plans for the next year, not in a new year resolution way but setting out what I want to achieve. It often includes weight loss but I think I’m eventually getting sense about that one! I did lose weight in 2016, during the calving season, and then put it all back on again during my “writing season”. Yes, my brain tends to [...]

Book Launch #2


It’s becoming quite the trend for authors to have two or even more launches now, usually one in Dublin and one in whatever part of the country they come from. I love going to book launches but I do quake at the prospect of having them. There I was thinking I was getting away with just one quick launch by having it at the Ploughing Championships when Noeleen and Leona from The Book Centre in Wexford contacted me to ask [...]