Getting Farmers On Holiday – Easier Said Than Done

Getting a farmer away for a holiday is easier said than done. They will think up a million reasons why it’s not a good reason to go. These will include the months of calving / lambing/ breeding / harvesting / sowing / repairing / grass management. If they don’t have a regular workman, they’ll be worried about the capability of the relief worker not to mention the additional cost to the holiday of paying the relief worker. There’s also the [...]

Children In Tractor Cabs – Should It Be Allowed?

Ireland has seen 25 farm deaths this year, the most recent being a farmer smothered by barley and a lady killed by spooked cattle. These include at least three children. One child was on the tractor with his father and got down to play, his father didn’t see him in the grass and mowed him down with the mower. Another child died when a parent didn’t see him and the tyre of the vehicle pinned him against the wall. A [...]

How To Alleviate Stress

Are you stressed?

Apparently we are busier and more stressed than ever before. Between being stuck in traffic, long commutes, meeting targets and having to be contactable via social media and email, as human beings we are not responding well to these pressures apparently. At least farmers don’t have long commutes I guess!

Causes of Stress in Farming

Farming can be a stressful occupation not to mention one of the most dangerous so we focused on ‘stress and wellbeing’ was the topic of [...]

Farm Succession: Son or Daughter?

I’ve been meaning to blog about the topic of succession for a while, particularly since we discussed it in an #agchatirl topic a couple of weeks ago. If you remember, I was at a Teagasc conference a few months and one researcher mentioned how she had been speaking to a female farmer aged 19, who was working on the home farm and relief milking for other farmers, yet she knew she hadn’t a hope of inheriting the farm – even [...]

Why I Don’t Want To Be Anyone Else

There seems to be a plethora of articles recently about people becoming depressed or fixated with trying to keep up with the ‘Joneses’ on social media. People are putting pressure on themselves to be as successful, as slim, as beautiful, as rich, as happy as their Facebook friends. Some are leaving social media to get themselves out of that loop.

I enjoy Facebook – I know that people either put up the very good or the very bad (or yes, there [...]