Our Funky Kids

Where have I been? Yikes, I can scarcely believe it is weeks since I last wrote a post here! ?Write on Track is busier – more training which is great and long may it continue. I made the decision some time ago to close down / change Garrendenny Lane (final decision on that to be made in the spring) so I’ve been busy reducing stock items and with increased numbers of orders going out too in [...]

Is Weight Loss an Attitude?

Is Weight Loss an attitude? ?You know what they say, think positive and you’ll be positive. ?If you’re applying ‘The Secret’ to your life, it’s not enough to wish yourself thin though, you also have to follow it through by eating less and hitting the gym or doing exercise of some sort. ?I’m not of the ilk to believe that if I am thinner, I’ll be happier but hey, clothes shopping would be a lot easier and ?much more satisfying!

I’m [...]

National Women’s Enterprise Day 2012

I went to the National Women’s Enterprise Day in Portlaoise the week before last. It was a busy week for conferences with the Women in Agriculture one on in Killarney and the Web Summit on in Dublin. At ?700 a ticket for the web summit, it was well out of my league!

I delivered a short talk on blogging at last year’s NWED conference and I was looking forward to the social media session again which proved very informative. I missed [...]

Going on a Journey

Dee’s post about journeys on her new blog got me thinking this morning. We don’t often get to take long journeys now and I was remembering how I hated heading home with the car and that dreaded boat journey as I tend to get terribly seasick. I don’t mind flying but don’t enjoy long flights and all the hanging around airports (mind you, very few people probably do!).