Late Late Toy Show – an event in our household

It’s the Late Late Toy show tomorrow night, one of the longest running chat shows in the world and the Late Late show has been on every weekend from Sept-May for years.

When I was a child, I was always envious of the Billy Barry kids, staying up for the toy show was always an exciting event but it never quite lived up to expectation, I always felt slightly disappointed after [...]

Nativity Play

I’m ‘on’ Sunday school for December and in previous years, I’ve written short nativity plays. As the children are now older and range in age from 7-15 for the speaking parts with many 3-5 years olds tagging along as silent angels and surplus shepherds, I wanted to write something that was longer and wittier.

Many thanks to Paula Sheridan who loaned me a copy of Jesus’ Christmas Party, the story of the first Christmas which is told from the point of [...]

Fax Tax

All this talk about overweight and obese children on the news today got me thinking. ?I do think it is important that parents are educated regarding what their children should be eating, partly when one quarter of all 9 year olds are supposed to be overweight but the suggestion that parents bring them to the doctor to be weighed and for some dietary advice seemed a tad absurd.