Who’s A Perfect Farm Wife Then?!


Who’s a Perfect Farm Wife then?

One of the disadvantages of writing a book entitled How To Be A Perfect Farm Wife is that I’m constantly being teased by the family when I fail. I’m not precious about it, I describe my house as a home rather than a house. As I sit typing this in my living room with the laptop on my knee, we’re all nice and cosy in front of a log fire. I emptied the ashes today [...]

Murals for Mother’s Day

It may be too late to order these for Mother’s Day here in Europe but the murals by The Portable Mural Company are a great gift for Father’s Day or birthdays. I got two of the children for Christmas and I know they will become more precious as they get older.

1.??????Brendan, I’m delighted with the murals I got from you for Xmas. For me, they are so much more than just putting a picture of my children on [...]

Childhood Farm Memories – Straw Tales

I wish I had photographs of us as kids working and playing amongst the straw and hay bales in the fields as they were put one at a time onto the trailers to be brought back to the farmyard. Many of my childhood memories revolve around the straw and hay – between bringing picnics to the field, stopping for icecreams on the way home if it was a long draw, the blisters on the hands, the sense of a long [...]

Don’t Call Me ‘Mammy’

I’m not sure why but I detest being called ‘Mammy’. ?’Mama?’ is the Irish for Mummy or Mother so I guess that is where the word Mammy came from but when I knew I was pregnant with Will, I decided that I’d be called anything but Mammy even though it seems to be the norm here in Ireland. I called my own mother ‘Mammy’ until I started secondary school and then it became ‘Mum’.