Update: Dancing Heifers, Christening Cows & 1960s Marriage

Rua, our Red Heifer with her cow's lick

It’s quite a while since I last wrote a ‘My Farming Life’ post – mainly because writing, editing and self-publishing took over. It doesn’t mean life on the farm has been quiet though, there’s been lots going on.

Naming Cows

One thing we did was we have registered our dairy herd as pedigree now which is exciting for us. What was even more interesting was choosing names for them. There’s just over twenty cow families in the herd so we had to [...]

World Milk Day – Ten Cow Facts

In honour of World Milk Day today, here’s ten random facts about cows:

Cow Facts for World Milk Day

1. Cows socialise for at least two hours every day. Chatting while chewing the cud, ruminating over where’s the best bit of grass, conversing about the weather, who’s pregnant, who had the best calves last year, whose calf has the highest EBI, what field they are going to next …….

2. Cows [...]

Farmers: Optimistic or Pessimistic?

When I was interviewed by Ryan Tubridy last December (shameless name dropping there!) he was teasing that farmers tend to be negative, grumpy and pessimistic. “Not so,” was my reply “They are optimistic, they always see the silver lining but they can never be too positive as they just never know what is around the corner.”

After all, although we don’t get extreme weather here in Ireland, it can happen that sudden flash floods can still damage crops or make a [...]

Cows In Calf

I spent most of today on the farm today and it was lovely. I’ve been so busy lately and Brian didn’t really need me much so I just haven’t been doing much farming and I missed it. Between organising the Blog Awards, getting ready for the Ploughing and other things, the month of September has just flown. ?The Blog Awards was a great night, you can see all the photos here, the 80s theme worked great, lots stayed [...]