My Week: Modern Wives, F1, Oxford, Stratford and Books


Well, my week didn’t include as much farming as usual! In fact, it contained a lot of socialising. Last Wednesday evening, I headed to the Big Smoke for the launch of the Modern Wife Modern Life exhibition. Curated by Ciara Meehan, it is being hosted in the National Print Museum until the end of August. It’s well worth a visit and it is free. Ciara is researching how the magazines in the 1960s reflects life for Irish women [...]

Win a RabAlpine Jacket and Marry A Farmer!

Are you going to ‘The Ploughing’? Yes, the Ploughing Championships starts tomorrow and with the weather being so good, I’d imagine that even more people will attend over the 3 days than last year. There will be dust rather than mud! I was setting up today and the conditions are perfect. Well, the ground might be a bit hard for the ploughing but perfect for the rest of us!

I’m going to be there for the 3 days selling my ‘Would [...]

Carlow is Tasty … and Beautiful

Have you ever played the part of a tourist in your own area? I’ve done it before when we’ve had visitors staying, we’ve brought them to those places loved by tourists and enjoyed the venues ourselves. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to explore the beauty of Carlow and yes, I admit, I ended up being a little ashamed that I haven’t made more of an effort to enjoy it in the past.

I do think it says a lot that [...]

Taste of Carlow – Why I’m Looking Forward To It

It struck me a while ago that I haven’t told my international readers much about where I live and I have a draft post about Castlecomer (nearest town) somewhere in the archives that I will return to at some stage. Today though, I’m going to tell you about the beauties of Co. Carlow. Although I live in Co. Laois, it’s really in a tiny corner of it and as our address is Carlow (strictly speaking it’s via Carlow, Co. Laois [...]

Would You Marry A Farmer at Virginia Show?

I headed to the Virginia Show today armed with my pop up banner and a box of books to sell. I’ve never been to it before, it’s 2 hours drive so with cows to milk morning and evening, we’ve never made it that far. The committee have worked really hard to raise funds for and to build a new centre and it really is tremendous – cafe, meeting rooms, huge hall, lots of rooms upstairs, it really is [...]