Ten Reasons Others Know You Are A Farm Wife

You’ve heard the line “farming isn’t a job, it’s a way of life” and many more besides but is being married to a farmer really different to being married to some other professions? What about doctors or vets or pilots or lawyers – don’t they all involve long hours too that can go way past the standard 9-5 with an hour commute? I’m not so sure that I could identify a person as a doctor or a teacher or a [...]

What’s A Proper Farmer’s Wife? Past & Present

What constitutes a good farmer’s wife? ?I was amused to see this quote in ‘My Farming Week’ in the Farmers Journal a few weeks ago.

Proper farmers wife


I may share a name with this proper farmer’s wife but I think that might be where I draw the line at calling myself a good farm wife. Yes, I cook a dinner nearly every day but there’s often a limit to the amount [...]

Wardrobe Changes for Female Farmers

The ‘feeding calves to shopping’ wardrobe for the farmer’s wife! Having a chat with others on twitter the other day about wearing wellies or not to collect the children from school and having my husband comment on my attire when I returned from the bank today, I’m wondering what other female farmers and farmer’s wives do when they need to change from one outfit to another fairly quickly.

I don’t wear wellies to the school by the way – I’d have [...]