Mother-in-Law Day: How To Get On With Her

The Irish Mammy-in-law

Today is Mother-in-Law Day believe it or not.

The website Days of the Year says “Mothers-in-law get a pretty bad deal. Do they deserve the reputation they have for hounding son-in-laws, and always being a witch? Mother-In-Law Day gives you and your mother-in-law a chance to get to know each other, and to get away from all of those horrible preconceptions. Why not give your mother-in-law (and mothers-in-law everywhere) a fair chance – take them out for a nice meal, [...]

Win a Farmer or Farmer’s Wife Tea Cosy Pattern

Chance to Win a Farmer or Farmer's Wife Tea Cosy and a copy of How To Be A Perfect Farm Wife

One tip I provide ‘perfect farm wives’ in my book is that if you wish to do well in agricultural show competitions, it is a good idea to scout out the competition first. For example, I have noticed that the coffee cake class in Tullow Show is very competitive, being one of the most popular classes. The cherry cake one is also popular, because the prize money for that one is significant. If you find a class that has only [...]

My Week: Modern Wives, F1, Oxford, Stratford and Books


Well, my week didn’t include as much farming as usual! In fact, it contained a lot of socialising. Last Wednesday evening, I headed to the Big Smoke for the launch of the Modern Wife Modern Life exhibition. Curated by Ciara Meehan, it is being hosted in the National Print Museum until the end of August. It’s well worth a visit and it is free. Ciara is researching how the magazines in the 1960s reflects life for Irish women [...]

16 Differences Between Being Married To A Farmer and Anyone Else

Brian and I spent ten years married before we returned to Ireland to farm. We went from working in 9-5 jobs and being child-free to being self-employed, farming and with a tiny baby (Will was three weeks old when we returned to Ireland). They say moving house is stressful, they say having a baby is life-changing and I presume they say changing career must have some effect too so we decided to do all three in one fell swoop and [...]

Farm Wives Then And Now

Lorna Bad Hair Day

Farm Wives Then and Now

(This article was originally published in Ireland’s Own magazine)

Farm Wives then and Now

Farm Wives Then and Now – Ireland’s Own Magazine

Farming in the mid twentieth century was very different to farm life now. While many farmers worked abroad or went to the mart weekly to trade cattle, most farm wives stayed at home. Their tasks weren’t limited to [...]