Interview with Organic Beef Farmer Maria Phelan


12% of Ireland’s registered farmers are female. That means that the percentage of women farming registered with a herd number is 12%. Apparently half of that number are widows which suggest the majority of them are over 60. That translates into 6% of Ireland?s farmers being young and female. However, is this really a true reflection on the facts? I’m afraid I don’t have the time [...]

Insight Into Irish Farming Past and Present

I first met Marita Kelly at the Ploughing Championships in 2013 but she had interviewed me on Cork radio before that, way before I published my book. I can’t even remember what it was about now – something to do with women and farming I’m sure. Marita is a farmer and radio journalist, farming with her mum in Waterford. This week, Marita has abandoned her own twitter account and is tweeting for the @IrelandsFarmers twitter account [...]

8 Pre-Nuptial Agreement Suggestions for Marrying Farmers

Apparently some farmers are deliberately not getting married because they fear a prospective wife may divorce them and take half the farm. Parents aren’t handing over the farm to their son in case their daughter-in-law gets half the farm in the divorce courts. Caitriona Murphy was recently awarded a journalist award for her discussion of pre-nuptial agreements in a series of articles for the Irish Independent. The latest news is that the IFA have called for pre-nuptial agreements to become [...]