The #Farmerettes Tweet Up

Farmerettes at Cillin Hill MartIt was a dark, blustery and very unsummerlike day when I arrived at Cillin Hill mart for our #farmerettes tweet up. Organised some 2 months ago, the idea came from a couple of tweets and as always with determined and enthusiastic women, the date and venue was decided as the number of female farmers on twitter who wished to [...]

#Farmerettes Tweet Up

I was interviewed some time ago for the Irish Examiner and it was featured this week in the Farming Supplement – with me even being shown on the masthead of the front page with Alex Ferguson below!!

Irish Examiner front page

The article was mainly about my blog, why I blog, why farmers should blog and tweet, about our #farmerettes tweet up which is [...]

AI on an Irish Dairy Farm

It’s AI season here on the farm at the moment, started on 1st May. ?We use about 95% artificial insemination for our cows, just using a bull for some repeats (when a cow doesn’t go in calf on the first serving) if it is getting late in the season. ?It is entirely possible for a cow to have many calves and still be theoretically a virgin!

Irish Dairy Cows waiting for the AI technican / <a href=[...]

Farmers Unite During Spring 2013

Boy, what a spring! The Irish countryside looks more like it has been sprayed with weedkiller than its usual lush self. While temperatures have been warmer the last few days, heavy rain during the week meant that cows and cattle had to be rehoused. We’ve been quite lucky, we’ve had sufficient silage, we got the cows out by day for most days and got half the cattle out for a few weeks. We have spent about ?7,000 more this March [...]