Compact Calving and Calf Feeding

95 calves in 23 days with 50 more to go. 2 losses (one was the c-section) but where there’s life, there’s a chance of death death! We’ve had 5 sets of twins, one set of bulls, two sets of heifer/bull, ?two sets of heifers (double bonus as a heifer born with a twin bull will almost certainly be infertile due to the male hormones in the womb – we did have one 4 years ago that was seen bulling and [...]

Stove Versus Open Fire

Which is best – a stove or an open fire?

We have a cold house – although the attic insulation is good, the house has huge windows which are draughty and I suspect the wall insulation could be improved too. I pull the curtains in the winter to keep out the draughts, not for privacy. ?We were determined to do something to add warmth to the kitchen this winter as it’s been on the long finger now for a couple of [...]

Wilsons at Garrendenny Lane

Living beside a derelict castle means that we occasionally have visitors from abroad calling, who have traced their roots to our area and are wondering if we can help them fill in the gaps.

A lady recently called and between Brian and I (and the recent research we had done for the local church Mayo 200 book) we managed to establish some information from her. Her greatgrandaunt was a Wilson and she thought she had been born at Garrendenny Castle circa [...]

The Power of We – One Man & His Dog

Are you wondering if I had disappeared off into an abyss? I don’t think I’ve visited this blog at all for the last month, I’ve lots to post about but just didn’t have the time – just as well I was organising rather than trying to do well in Blog Awards Ireland?and there you can read our post on how the ‘power of we’ managed to create an event on Saturday night that turned out to be a [...]