#Calving15 Has A Good Start

It’s that time of year again – when a text or a call that says ‘I need a hand’ always puts me slightly on edge.

Heifer Calves

Calves are actually much more sensible than humans in the way they are born, more sensible than other animals too. They usually come out singly so they don’t have any siblings there with multiple limbs to entangle them! They usually come out in [...]

The 9 C’s of Calving

Would You Marry A Farmer

Calving will be starting on many Irish farms over the next few days and weeks. Farming papers are full of instructions for directions for improving calf health and reducing mortality. If you’re married to a new entrant dairy farmer or you’re wondering what being married to a dairy farmer might be like during the calving time, here’s the low down on what you need!

#1. Chocolate

Not for the calves or even the cows but the farmer here needs a a steady [...]

Autumn at Garrendenny

It’s September and after a very dull and autumnal final few days in August, it’s fabulous to have good weather, even up to 22 degrees Celsius the other day which was baking! It’s our last chance to get those jobs done that we meant to do all summer – these include painting the outside of all the windows (I’ve almost finished all the downstairs ones), power washing the house and painting it too. We are being safety conscious and borrowing [...]

Wordless Wednesday – Farm Cats

I’m not a huge fan of cats but I do like them on the farm. They get fed on dog food, scraps and milk and they forage for vermin and birds! Here’s two of our latest feral cats that Brian managed to snap when they were sitting on a lime bag – pity it is out of focus but photos of cats are rare here!

Farm Kittens

Their father / [...]

A Field of Mushrooms

We’ve had a fabulous summer here in Ireland – warm temperatures mostly between 22 and 26 degrees Celsuis and not much rain. In fact, rain kept missing us here and we got to the stage that we were looking out for it. 36 hours of rain last weekend on warm soil meant that we have a couple of fields with scores and scores of mushrooms.

Field Mushrooms

I had to [...]