On the first day of Christmas, a Farmer Date Night Mug

On the first day

Can you believe it is the 1st of December? Where did November, not to mention the rest of the year, go? I have one month left to complete the to-do list I created at the beginning of the year – eeeek.

After all this IFA furore, it’s time for some fun so I’m going to do 12 Days of Christmas giveaways with a different giveaway each day so do stay tuned.

I’m creating merchandise from some of the illustrations in the book [...]

Mother’s Day Gifts for Farm Mums

Mother’s Day in 2015 falls on 15th March in Ireland, United Kingdom, Nigeria and Bangladesh, most other countries celebrate it on 10th May this year.

There’s ten days to go to the first Mother’s Day but bear in mind that some of these will require time to be delivered – so don’t dither around on ordering the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

#1 You Can’t Scare Me: I’m A Farmer’s Wife