It’s a Goat’s Life!

What a week of weather – our fields are saturated and yet the American midlands are experiencing severe drought – isn’t it mad! ?The good news is we had a clear TB test today – always a relief! But it seems ?insane that the kids were inside today watching a Harry Potter DVD ?(instead of being out in the sunshine) while the rain beat against the window.


Goats keen for supper and bed, wish children were as enthusiastic!

It is turning out to be a really busy time – partly cos of the Blog Awards, partly because I’m running 2 businesses, partly cos I procrastinate at time and partly because some calves have been poorly (2 died this morning, one of whom was Betsy one of the triplets which really upset us all) but hopefully with different treatment today, the others will rally and recover.

The goats are time-consuming too! Becky lets her Daisy suckle as she is a [...]

Births & Deaths

Daisy and Snickers

One of the things about farm living is that children become accustomed to births and deaths from a young age. I always told the children that any animals that died went to heaven because I felt it would be comforting to them and also should a grandparent die, they would be used to the idea but I remember telling Kate aged about 3 that a calf had died. ‘Where has he gone?’ she asked and I replied ‘Up to heaven’. [...]

A Record-breaking Night: More Garrendenny Goats – and Triplet Calves

It has been a busy and eventful weekend here at Garrendenny. Brian knew that a cow expecting twins and in calf to a Belgian blue AI sire was due. She has been groaning for the last month and was of a considerable size so he was guessing there were going to be twin bulls in there.

He was pretty tired on Friday night and they were fairly tangled up inside her so at midnight he decided to phone for the vet. [...]

Sartorial Elegance…..????

The windmill is flying around since it was connected during the week. At times today, it almost sounded like a distant aeroplane at times but I think that is just because we are so used to the only noise being the birds around here.

Garrendenny  Windmill

I went up with the kids to see it and Kate insisted on taking some [...]