Getting A Negative Review in a Newspaper Wasn’t So Bad

How To Get Book Reviews& Why The Negative Ones Aren't So Bad

Around Christmas, I joked that I wondered if any female recipients of the gift of my book How To Be A Perfect Farm Wife┬áhad taken offence and thrown it at the head of the giver. I hoped that the front cover would give them enough hints that while it might sound like a marriage manual, it’s very tongue in cheek albeit with useful tips. One tweeter told me his girlfriend’s aunt told her to throw it at him but it [...]

First Anniversary and It’s A Good One!

It’s a year ago today (it was a Friday lunchtime) when 1000 copies of Would You Marry A Farmer? arrived to my hallway and piled up there in brown boxes. The smell of new paper filled the hall and landing for the first few days until we got used to it. ?I wasn’t too worried about selling the first thousand, I knew that 235 were going to my crowdfunding pledgers and I hoped to sell 500 in total by Christmas, [...]

Book Progress Report and your help with a survey

Time for an update on the book progress! It’s all going well though I’m very aware it is going to be tight to launch it around 25th November but I have a very impressive timetable (anyone who knows me knows I don’t do timetables or project management terribly well!) which is why it looks impressive! I’m sure to any project manager it would look extremely basic though.

Book Progress[...]

Crowdfunding Success for Marry A Farmer

Well, we did it – thank you. ?A huge community got behind me and helped to make my crowdfunding project a success. It was about 11:30pm last night and the pledges were coming in steadily, it was moving from 6% to 5% and down to 2% and then there was ?82 left, about 1.35%. So many people were tweeting me and messaging me and it seemed like there were so many of us refreshing the page on ?Fundit.