Farm Diversification – We Teach Social Media

Farm diversification usually seems to refer to on-farm businesses such as those that are related to food, animals or accommodation. ?My new farm diversification business isn’t on-farm though – it is online and offers social media training. This has been a busy week as we’ve been working on finishing a new website (we refers to myself, Amanda of Spiderworking who is a co-organiser of the Blog Awards, and Marie my biz partner at Write [...]

Our Weekend – Milk Recording & Moving Calves

It’s 1st May on Wednesday – the beginning of summer allegedly! ?A load of hay from Kent arrived at our local Glanbia creamery today with 48 large bales. We didn’t need any but there were plenty of farmers arriving with small trailers, there are a lot of older suckler farmers around here who have been drawing silage to their stock for the last two months.

We had planned to let the cows out tonight for the first night but they’d still [...]

Why Good Habits Make You More Effective & Productive

I’m not the best at being organised – I’m very very rarely late collecting my kids, I get a dinner on the table at roughly the same time every day, I’m on time for most meetings but I hate being constrained by time.

I think one of the reasons I enjoyed the kids so much as toddlers was because time didn’t matter – it didn’t matter if a baby spent hours in my arms feeding or if all I did all [...]

National Women’s Enterprise Day 2012

I went to the National Women’s Enterprise Day in Portlaoise the week before last. It was a busy week for conferences with the Women in Agriculture one on in Killarney and the Web Summit on in Dublin. At ?700 a ticket for the web summit, it was well out of my league!

I delivered a short talk on blogging at last year’s NWED conference and I was looking forward to the social media session again which proved very informative. I missed [...]

Irish Farmerette goes to the Charisma Bootcamp

You may remember that I mentioned some time ago that I was heading to the Charisma Bootcamp, organised by Owen Fitzpatrick. Well, that happened over the last few days. I only made it to the Gresham on Thursday and Saturday (was teaching on Friday and we have an unwritten rule that Sundays are family days – put it this way, I’d have given Brian a hard time if he disappeared on a Sunday for a farming conference so [...]