Farming Wives – Then and Now

I have been asked occasionally what is the difference for wives of farmers now and my parents’ generation so I thought it might make an interesting blog post. We inherited my parents farm so it is quite easy to make comparisons given that the type of farming hasn’t changed all that much.

In my parents’ day:

  • My father had a workman who [...]

An Irish Wake

The Irish Wake is popular within Irish folklore and within Irish books (or at least it was popular when I was in school!) so I just thought I would write a post showing what the modern Irish wake is like, and to be honest, it is probably not all that different to what it was like 50 or 100 years ago. Less alcohol now but the principle is still very much the same.


Hallow’een Traditions – the ring in the barm brack

One of the definite hazards of working from home is that of putting on weight. It is all too easy when the brain is tired from writing an article or a blog post or uploading products to feel that you need a sugar kick with your cup of tea and being Irish, I just cannot enjoy a cup of tea without something to dunk in it! I recall being so surprised when I moved to England as when you were [...]