Money For Nothing

I am not particularly good with money.

I don’t mean that I spend lots. I hate clothes shopping. I tend to go very rarely but then spend a small fortune but that lasts me for at least six months. If I want a good dress for an occasion, I will go into a trusted shop, tell the assistant what I want (in terms of colour and length and usually ‘a flattering shape that covers my tummy’ type of request), if I [...]

My Farming Week: Feeding Men, Do Farm Women Work Harder & Book 2

The Silage Is In

This week was all about silage and slurry. (Silage is grass that is cut and chopped, brought to a concrete pit and packed in tight. When covered with polythene and tyres to keep the air out, it stays preserved until the cattle eat it in the winter – it’s important to get it in as dry as possible). ?The contractors had a few problems with the mowing which meant it was dragged out a bit but it [...]

My Farming Week: Flighty Calves, Paper-Eating Heifers, Red Spray and The End of an Era

Between the bank holiday for St Patrick’s Day, the children being off school for two days and the fact that I wasn’t doing any training or mentoring, I’ve had a pretty full on farming week. I’m doing 2.5 days of training next week and I know I’ll probably end up with a croaky voice as a result. Teaching requires a lot more talking than the occasional chat with calves and cattle!

Telepathy Alternatives

16 cattle went to the factory on Wednesday morning [...]

New Kitchen or New Harvester?

Fancy a new kitchen in the house or a new harvester? This is the dilemma poised by a farmer at the end of his recent Farmers Journal article.

Now, if you’ve moved into the original farmhouse rather than building a new house, you may have a 1960s or 1970s kitchen. Maybe it is nice enough to be considered retro and vintage and maybe it’s not! Here’s why a fancy new kitchen may be a better idea than a new [...]

Farm Women Interviews Required

I’ve just resumed the writing of my next book. The working title is How To Be A Perfect Farm Wife – with plans for it to be realistic yet funny with plenty of tongue-in-cheek humour. ?Similarly to Would You Marry A Farmer?, this book will be written for the new farm wife in mind, the woman who is marrying a farmer and isn’t quite sure what she is letting herself in for, who wants to be informed but I hope [...]