Details of Farmerettes Meet Up

It’s amazing what twitter chats can lead to – I was chatting with @newfarmerette and @cattlenclydes and suggested that we meet up, especially as we haven’t met properly yet. That suggestion turned into getting other farmerettes involved and now our tweet / meet up has been organised.

It is happening in Kilkenny on May 12th, a Sunday Lunch. So far, in addition to the two above, @fimalone1, ?Caragh Nurseries, ?ZwartblesIE, JoAnn McComish, ?TracydwJones are coming along??and Modern Farmette is a maybe. If you would like to come along, just tweet one of us or leave a comment below. We won’t be making farmerettes do any of the tests outlined in our tweets and a previous post!

I did wonder to myself though, I wonder what the conversation will be like. Most of us haven’t met up in person before and I can’t imagine that conversation will be about the traditional female subjects of conversation, whatever they may be. We all have farming and an interest in social media in common, however, would that be enough? Then, one farmerette, (I think it was fimalone1) suggested we have a sort of discussion group so we all arrive armed with a topic for discussion, sort of like ice-breakers if you like. The topic can be anything – from the jobs farmerettes do, funny farming stories, grass growth, weaning lambs, horses, whatever comes to mind and is of interest.

Alberta RancHERs

Alberta RancHERs

I can’t promise our farmerettes group will look like this group of rancHERs but I do promise to take some photos 🙂

4 thoughts on “Details of Farmerettes Meet Up

  • writerlyderv

    Farmerettes on tour – dangerous! No seriously, it is a weird feeling when you meet someone from social media and realise you don’t actually know each other. I do an icebreaking game in my creative writing classes called Typical Day, where people turn to the person beside them and tell them what they did that day until they arrived at class. They then tell the rest of the class what their partner did, i.e. I’d tell them what Lorna did. Bit complicated for a lunch, probably, but you could do a version of it. It gives a surprising insight into people’s lives.

    • Lorna

      thanks Derbhile, yes, it might be strange as chats on twitter can be quite short so will be good to have a focus which might cause some hilarity too 🙂



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