Easter Memories

My main memories of Easter are of working in Sainsburys! ?It was only for the three years when I was a student but looking back, it seemed to be for many more years! I used to work for four hours every Sunday, getting almost double pay as it was a Sunday. The supermarket had to close on Easter Sunday so I got that day off but working for full days on Good Friday and Easter Monday meant double pay so I always volunteered and spent two long and boring days sitting on a checkout. It’s hard to believe it is almost twenty years ago now and yes, that ?80 for each day seemed like good money. ?During the long summer holidays, I had a great summer job (although I kept up the Sunday work in the supermarket) and I used to make brass rubbings to sell and show tourists how to make their own brass rubbings. It was pretty cold in the cloisters of Salisbury catherdral but it was a dream of a summer job.

Easter Memories

As a child, Easter was always a busy time when visitors came on Easter Sunday and my mum would be preparing for the Sunday lunch and tea with lots of baking and cleaning. We would all go to church on Good Friday as well as Easter Sunday and new clothes would be purchased for this special day. In many ways, Easter Sunday was seen (in church terms) as a much bigger occasion than Christmas.

I think my children will remember Easter for the Easter bunny that hides eggs in the crevices of the walls around the church and amongst the gravestones. Every Easter, the children will go on the Easter egg treasure hunt around the graveyard immediately after church and it is seen as being the highlight of church for the year!

Lamb is a traditional dinner at Easter but we opted for beef today. Partly because I know we will soon have two lambs in the freezer plus it’s hard to eat lamb when you have two cute lambs out in the garden! Yes, they are still perfecting their Houdini escapes.

I have to admit that Easter felt like an ordinary Sunday today. I’m not sure if we are becoming more and more insular or if it is because life just seems to be getting busier but if I had had to prepare an extra scrumptious Sunday lunch and dessert for visitors today on top of feeding 120 calves this morning which included a couple of straggler newborns, it just might have finished off this non domestic goddess. It seemed much more relaxing to take to the sofa after lunch with a book and play a game of ‘Upwords’ as it got much breezier outside. Tea and chocolate eggs – what more could you want? It ended up being a very relaxing Sunday despite putting in a few hours of work.

Hope you had a good Easter too.
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4 thoughts on “Easter Memories

  • Dee Sewell

    I only commented this Easter that we don’t really have a tradition surrounding it, unlike other holidays. Ian has always worked over Easter so it’s been much like every other weekend for us. In order to do better this year we’d saved a lovely piece of Zwartbles lamb to roast on the Sunday after we’d spent a few hours in the garden. We came in, switched on the cooker and ten minutes later, bam, a power cut. I rang and power wasn’t scheduled to return until 9pm so this Easter Sunday was spent eating our dinner in Burger King, which in our house is such a rare thing our children were delighted! It sounds like you had a lovely family day regardless Lorna, perfect for busy, working parents 🙂

  • M T McGuire

    I’m guessing that on a farm, in spring, Easter is pretty busy so I’m very impressed that you managed to lay on a huge lunch. sounds like a bit of sofa vegging was well earned.





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