Farm Families wanted for new TV series

If you’re a farming family with a story to tell, you might be interested in this. An Irish television channel is ?looking for farming families to take part in a new TV programme. Isn’t it great that farming is now seen as so interesting to various audiences? Apart from educating consumers about where their food comes from and showcasing rural life, it really gives farmers a voice too. ?We’ve had Young Farmers on Channel ?4. UTV Ireland are currently showing Rare Breeds, focusing on 21 families if I remember correctly. TG4 are currently showing a documentary about the ICA each week. Okay, we’ll leave the Farmer Wants A Wife and The Bachelor to other countries but now an Irish TV channel is looking at creating a programme focusing on farming families and it might be you!

Farm Family

How much filming will it entail? The closing date for application is coming up next week but filming probably won’t start until early summer and could go on as long as a year. They won’t be filming you daily or even weekly but will be filming you at various times over the year. They say it will be an entertaining, honest and informative portrayal of farming life in modern Ireland. ?They aren’t looking to portray anyone as a ‘bad guy’ or anything. Rather than being ‘presenter-led’, you’ll be leading it to an extent.

They are looking for a variety of farm families so if you have two or three generations farming together, it could work really well – plenty going on and the various roles for each member of the extended family. I think it would be great to see the topic of succession explored – and wouldn’t it be great if female succession was emphasised and a daughter shown to be inheriting and working with her father or mother? If you are selling a product directly to market e.g. cheese making, other food products, opening a farm shop, starting to sell a product at a market, maybe if starting a business showing brides-to-be how to be farmer’s wives – whatever it is, the television coverage would give your business great brand awareness. As the filming will be taking part over many months, they are looking for things to be happening on the farm each month so have a think about what types of work would be of interest to viewers.

Interested in applying? Then contact the producers by emailing: or call (01) 2843877. Closing date for initial applications is the 29th January 2015. They will send you an application to fill out and it’s as simple as that to get the ball rolling.

Oh, and another advantage of any press coverage – photographers come and take lovely family photos of you on the farm. We’ve had some great photos taken such as the one above which was in Irish Examiner.



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