A Field of Mushrooms

We’ve had a fabulous summer here in Ireland – warm temperatures mostly between 22 and 26 degrees Celsuis and not much rain. In fact, rain kept missing us here and we got to the stage that we were looking out for it. 36 hours of rain last weekend on warm soil meant that we have a couple of fields with scores and scores of mushrooms.

Field Mushrooms

I had to go to Athy and Portlaoise this morning and given the plethora of mushrooms in Wade’s field, the children went out with Brian when he was putting the cows out after milking. The grass was quite long, cows just going on it to graze. It wasn’t just a field of dreams but a field of mushrooms!

Picking Field Mushrooms

It wasn’t long before the 20 kg bucket was half full. We didn’t weigh them but there was a lot of mushrooms!

Why is the dog so still? wonder the cowsThe cows couldn’t understand why the dog was sitting so quietly. And as cows are such curious creatures, they decided to sniff him out to see what was up.

In they went for a breakfast of mushrooms and fried eggs. We had mushroom soup for lunch and we’re having mushrooms for supper too! Nothing tastes as nice as fresh field mushrooms.


4 thoughts on “A Field of Mushrooms

  • M T McGuire

    Sadly I’m allergic to them, unless they’re chestnut mushrooms. I’ll go a long way for parasol mushrooms (easy to spot they have a checky stalk like a fritellaria) and giant puffball…. which reminds me I’m going for a walk past the right kind of puffball field tomorrow. I will have to have a look.



    • Lorna

      oh, I’ve never seen them growing in a commercial setting outside. There’s a mushroom farm about 20 miles from here but they are all in polytunnels.

      I’m allergic to lots of things but not to mushrooms thank goodness.



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