Flu, Calving and Baking

What a week! ?I had flu last week, not man flu, not woman flu but real flu that make me feel that dying might not be far off! ?6 years ago Brian and I had what we thought was flu and we got antibiotics for chest infections at the time. We felt lousy but Brian was able to carry on with the calving and training in the heifers and I was able to sit with a toddler on my knee most of the day (kids were 2 and 4 and were poorly too) but that wasn’t flu! ?There was no way I could do anything last week, bar lie in bed. I’m feeling much better now, though I’m still barking with a cough and taking it fairly easy. Do too much and I feel awful so I’m doing a bit, having a rest, doing a bit …… I just hope to goodness that Brian doesn’t get it!

Cork January 2013 050

What made it all worse was that the builders only finished on Tuesday morning (plastering bathroom, putting in new suite and a stove in the kitchen) – dust everywhere. I thought they’d never be finished so I could get to bed and then had to try and ignore the mess ?for a week! ?Brian tiled the shower ( and the kitchen splashback at long last!)

We’re up to about 30 calves now and all going fine with 3 sets of twins (one of heifers, two of a heifer and bull) and all are hale and hearty. ?One calf shed is full and the second one is going to be full in a week! With all the stories of Schmallenberg virus creating deformities in unborn calves and lambs, it is an anxious time for all farmers at the moment. ?Brian is having fun training in heifers in the milking parlour, which means they have to be trained to stand to be milked. Some are easier than others, one huge one created chaos the other evening by bursting out the front gate and then a small one turned around completely!

I’m glad we don’t have too many bulls left to sell to the factory. This mess with horse meat is just becoming past ridiculous for so many reasons that I’m not going to go into now. For now, beef price has held but the factories are being very careful regarding the of cattle they are accepting.

2013 Kate's camera 242Note – Tiles still need to be grouted!

Kate is finishing off her baking project for her third class project this week – showing what she has learnt about flour, raising agents, when the first birthday cakes as well as including lots of photos of herself baking! ?It’ll be a lovely project to look back on when she is older.

Cork January 2013 055Mmmmmmm – they were yum!

4 thoughts on “Flu, Calving and Baking

  • Mairead

    Lorna – Hope you feel better soon. There is nothing worse than the flu. A few years ago my kids got the swine flu. One of my little boys kept asking if he had the “slime goo.”
    Congratulations on three sets of twins. Healthy calf twins are always appreciated by farmers. Also, those chocolate profiteroles look delicious – one of my favorite desserts. What a great job your little girl did. Take care, rest up and take it easy until you are back fighting fit. All the best,

    • Lorna

      Thank you Margaret, it was ridiculous how long it has taken to feel better – went to Dublin today to meet a client and had to have a nap after the kids did their homework!! Yes, K is proving to be an enthusiastic little baker 🙂



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