Garrendenny Goat

You may remember me saying a few weeks ago that Rolo, Clay and Soot were off to the butcher. We had difficulty in finding a butcher to slaughter them as butchers now have to have a separate licence to do goats and for some, it just isn’t worth their while. Thanks to Margaret of Oldfarm, we got in contact with their butcher Clive Clarke in Birr who was not only so helpful and accommodating but also met us so we didn’t have to do an hour’s journey with 3 goats in the back of the car or a large cattle trailer!

We bartered one goat with Oldfarm for some of their delicious pork and it really is gorgeous. I have never tasted rashers to be so tasty and am looking forward to having some of their bacon on Saturday for St Patrick’s Day. Mona of Wise Words also took a goat and Mona recently posted some fabulous pictures of the shank and flank that they cooked.

Goat Chops

I cooked some lamb chops (but forgot to photograph them when cooked!) and they were delicious. If I hadn’t known they were goat, I would have presumed they were lamb chops. I was a bit nervous I have to say as although the last goats we’d killed were more of a dairy breed, they just weren’t that nice and I think part of the success of this goat is due to the extra length of time in hanging and the way Clive asked me exactly what way I wanted the goat and cut it in such an appetizing way so it looked scrummy before it was even cooked! Brian and I aren’t big meat eaters but are quite fussy and huge gigot chops don’t do it for either of us at all.

We don’t know who got which goat so I don’t have the guilt of wondering which goat am I eating either!

Up to now, if one googled ‘Garrendenny’ there will be various suggestions all linking to Garrendenny Lane, my online shop. I wonder how long it will take for Garrendenny Goat to show up 😉

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