Girls Wearing Glasses Need Not Apply

I found some great Personal ads when I was researching for ‘Would You Marry A Farmer?’ Rather stupidly, I somehow lost all the ones I didn’t use so sometime, I must have a look again.

Here’s one of the ones that really made me laugh, from as recent as 1970! It was in the Anglo Celt. We just had to produce this illustration with the farmer, of course, wearing glasses as he visualises the wealthy and glamourous woman of his dreams. He clearly wants her to be a ‘laying hen’ too in that she will have independent means and keep him in the lap of luxury too!

Would You Marry A Farmer Personal Ad - Deasy Fan

Here’s the full ad:

Deasy Fan is a 21 year old Limerick man who wants to get in touch with nice slim farmers’ daughters (not those wearing glasses) who are well-off and have good family backgrounds. They must also have their own cars and own jobs. Replies preferred from West Limerick.

6 thoughts on “Girls Wearing Glasses Need Not Apply

    • Lorna

      His mother didn’t raise him with a sense of realism – or maybe he was being realistic in knowing what he wanted. Just arrogant enough to think he might get it 😉 It was the slim and the non-spectacle wearing that really stands out though.
      I’ve come across a farmer on twitter who has the following in his twitter bio “also in need of a wife to feed calves” 😉 At least he is being honest I guess

    • Lorna

      The mystery is why he was looking for a woman from West Limerick and advertising in the Anglo Celt! As far as I can make it, it was a paper mostly sold around Cavan! Maybe it was put in for fun but it was genuinely in the archives of the paper.
      I do wonder sometimes when I glance through the personal ads occasionally if many people respond to some of the less complimentary ones!



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