Great news re the school website

It’s turning out to be another one of those weeks! ?Last night I spoke at our monthly KLCK bloggers network meeting in Portlaoise on ‘Blogging for E-commerce’ which I thoroughly enjoyed and all the participants joined in with plenty of questions and discussion.

We got the news yesterday that our school website (that I helped set up in early Spring and trained the teachers in updating it and writing blog posts) designed by the very talented Maura McDonnell is in the finals of the Irish Web Awards for the ‘Best Education and Third Level website’ – we’re up against 5 third level websites so it is a great achievement and I am so so chuffed. Do pop over to the Wandesforde School website and leave a comment with your congratulations, the teachers will be delighted 🙂

I usually read 2 chapters of a Harry Potter book to the children most evenings. We’re on the third one now, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and we’d decided we’d take a break from Potter after this one and read another author. I started reading this evening at about 6.30 with just over 100 pages to go and 3 hours later I finished at 9.40! ?The children were at the edge of their seats and it was lovely to see them so enthralled. So was I! ?I had deliberately never read Potter before, deciding I would leave it until I had kids and they were old enough to enjoy it. ?I was nearly hoarse when I finished and Will wants to start the 4th book tomorrow.

Poor old Sam had the snip done over 2 weeks ago (to cure him of his wanderings) and it seems to have done the trick. We haven’t had time to bring him back to the vet to get the stitches out and I’d probably have to drag him in there so I think we’ll just have to take them out ourselves. All part of a day’s work I guess!

I actually feel really hyper – I don’t know whether it is the news about the website or Harry Potter that has caused it!

3 thoughts on “Great news re the school website

  • WiseMona

    We have read all the Harry Potter books here and I am now finding a few of the kids spending longer periods of time in the bathroom with a book. I guess I should just be glad they are reading, right! It does take a while to read to kids, but you are right, it is very rewarding and we get a huge amount of enjoyment out of it as Iam sure you do :0)

  • lilinator

    Congrats on all fronts. Well done on the website.

    My ‘children’ continually criticise me for not having ever read Harry Potter.

    I have a photograph of six ‘children’ (ours and visiting), sitting on a wall in the back garden, all reading copies of the last Harry Potter book on the day it came out.

    I can remember where we were on the days the last few books came out such was the importance of Harry Potter release dates. When I was buying, we raffled for places in the queue to read the one copy. When the ‘children’ started earning their own money, they threw that economy out the window.

    I can guarantee you you will cherish memories of evenings spent with the kids getting hoarse reading so many pages of any book.

    • Lorna

      I remember seeing all that hype too and now I’m reading it, I can understand it! Really enjoying it but enjoying seeing their reactions and excitement too. they can’t wait to get started on the next one!
      I’m delighted they are enjoying me reading to them. At their age, I was reading lots of books on my own but there’s something special about spending time reading to them. Funny though, when they were little we’d read the same favourite picture books over and over again for about half an hour at a time but now it takes longer – 2 chapters takes about an hour 🙂



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