Great Outdoors Category in Blog Awards Ireland

Blog Awards Ireland is open for nominations for 2013. The event itself is being held on 12th October and nominations are open until 31st July.

The exciting news for this year is that there is a ‘Diaspora’ category(sponsored by TG4) , this means that bloggers outside Ireland who are Irish or who have an Irish ancestral root of some kind can enter their blog in this category – the blog can be of any theme.

agrilandI really wanted to add a ‘farming’ category last year when the 3 of us started organising the blog awards but there just weren’t enough farmers blogging. This year, we have added a ‘Great Outdoors’ category which is open to all blogs that write about anything to do with the outdoors, be they farmers, horse-owners, horticulturalists, gardeners, environmentalists …… and so on. The sponsor of the Great Outdoors category is Agriland, a brand new website that is going to provide farming news, farming debates, sell agricultural products and much more.

Glenisk is also sponsoring a fabulous competition as well as the food/drink category. ?Any blogger in Ireland can enter and what you need to do is create a recipe that incorporates one Glenisk ingredient, write it up in a blog post and submit it.

glenisk grid

The full terms and conditions are here, as is the entry form and details of the fabulous prizes for the ten finalists.

It is going to be a busy couple of months but it’s much easier organising the event the second time around. We all have our various roles this year too, having found that we all have different strengths as well as aspects we prefer. I’m writing most of the blog posts and am over sponsorship so if you happen to know of any companies who are wishing to increase their blogger outreach and improve their profile, do tell them to get in touch or have a look at our sponsor pack.

You can enter the blog awards here. Good luck!

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