Irish Farmerette is now on Facebook

It’s been a busy week – my dad was in hospital, I was teaching on Wednesday night (Blogging Effectively for Your Business) and delivered a talk at a #webpowwow in Wexford yesterday morning. Even though I’m becoming much more accustomed to talking in public (and Toastmasters has helped a lot), I find the adrenaline coursing through my veins seems to sap my energy afterwards too!

I was really touched by the response I got to the RTE Countrywide piece last week, even receiving emails from complete strangers congratulating me. ?One person reckoned she was related to my husband but of course, I kept my maiden name so it was actually to me. ?I had to ask my dad about it but it turned out that her great granny (Sarah Mary Sixsmith who married a Bradley) is my great great grandaunt. ?My dad gave me a list of ancestors and once I check out their birth and death dates in our churchyard, I’m going to record it here for future generations. ?That is partly what blogging is about after all, it’s not just to entertain other bloggers and readers, it is an online journal, there to exist for future generations to read as a historial record too.

I’ve ?just set up a page on Facebook for Irish ?Farmerette so do like it if you’d like to see more regular updates from our farming life 🙂

What have you planned for your weekend? ?We’re moving cattle, I might tackle the strawberry bed or paint the utility while Will is watching the rugby (I enjoy listening to rugby commentary, it reminds me of my childhood but detest soccer commentary!) as well as writing a few blog posts! I have to clean the oven too – cheese from a lasagne spilt in it the other day so it really has to be done!


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