Irish Farmers & Farmerettes go a rollin’ in the straw

We had our annual get together on Saturday with Lisa of the Nenaghgal blog and Ruth, editor of Munster Interiors. We had planned to go to Russborough and Will was quite excited about the maze there but luckily Ruth was very organised and had phoned to check and it was closed for the day due to a visit from the President! So we ended over to Emo Court instead.

We are all amused at how much fun the children got out of jumping on straw bales. As kids, we loved going to get loads of straw – between the tractor journey, the running around the field, jumping over bales, playing hide and seek, helping a bit, stopping for icecream on the way home…….. and it was lovely to see the 3 of them enjoying finding a smaller than usual bale and giggling to their hearts’ content as they played on it.

We actually didn’t get to walk along by the lake as it started raining so we headed inside again for another cuppa (I know, what hardship) and Ruth treated the children to these gorgeous floral chocolate lollipops (made by Chocolate Garden – the children went there for part of a school tour this year and thoroughly enjoyed making their own chocolate cats).

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