Isle Magazine Issue 2 Available Online Now

Isle Magazine Issue 2I’d like to congratulate Lisa McGee on producing the second edition of Isle Magazine. It’s a new online magazine that showcases Ireland, not in the leprachaun way, but showcases Ireland as a savvy, fashionable, beautiful country with friendly and talented people – be they photographers, chefs, food producers, designers …. the list goes on, and the scenery is beautiful too.

I’m delighted to be a contributor to the magazine, do check out my feature on pages 8-9 profiling 4 international bloggers that all write about Ireland in one way or another.

Hope you all had a good Easter – it’s still a busy time of the year so there wasn’t much time for Brian to relax. Incredibly cold still for this time of year – apparently the last 7 days have ?been the coldest since Dec 2010 when we had heavy snow!

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